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The scripture in 1Corinthians 13 is hanging on the wall of my bathroom.  A wedding gift from a friend, I have made sure it was a permanent fixture in each of our recent moves.  Even in my camper, the plaque laid up against a… Continue Reading “CHARITY AND LOVE”

Usable even when you are not capable.

I recently led the devotion at our church breakfast. Here was my message. I have to apologize to Luke for not telling him I am speaking today.  He is my greatest encourager but I knew that if I told him I would rely on… Continue Reading “Usable even when you are not capable.”

My name is Diana but I am no princess.

Welcome to On the Other Side of Grace. I am Diana. My closest people call me Deedee. Actually, everyone calls me Deedee unless you are the bank, the insurance company, or the officer pulling me over for speeding……. I want to share with you… Continue Reading “My name is Diana but I am no princess.”